Troubleshooting Quiz

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to take the Personality Quiz and we apologize for the inconvenience. Let’s try some troubleshooting to resolve the issue and get your Element personality type results! Here is a list of the most common problems experienced by some users taking the quiz.

I cannot click the finish quiz button?
You may have used the navigation buttons on your browser during the quiz. Please re-take the quiz and only use the quiz navigation buttons during the quiz. Also, please be sure that all the questions are blank before re-starting the quiz. Click here to take a fresh start, thank you.

I did not use the browser buttons and still cannot click the finish quiz button?
When you started the quiz were some of the questions pre-populated? if yes, you may have an old copy of the quiz saved in your browser and will need to re-start the quiz fresh. Please make sure all questions are blank before starting the quiz. If no, please check you have answered all questions using the quiz back button (you may have a built in pop-up blocker preventing the quiz from letting you know that a question was missed).

I have taken the quiz before, and now it does not work?
We highly recommend refreshing your website browser and refreshing your cache if you have taken the quiz before and are taking it again (your internet browser may have an old copy saved).

Some or all questions are missing?
Please try refresh the browser page and start with a fresh copy of the quiz. Always make sure the quiz loads correctly and all questions are present and blank (none are filled in) before starting the quiz. A weak wifi signal can be a common cause for the error.

I cannot view the results page when I click finish the quiz?
Please make sure you have the most recent browser installed on your device (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc…). Some old browsers (especially Safari) tend to have difficulties displaying today’s modern graphics, shadows and code.

Our most highly recommended advise?
We just want to get your results to you as fast as possible too… let’s try the easiest approach. Simply try the quiz on a different device. We apologize for the inconvenience, however it is most likely that something is causing the problem between your device and the quiz (duh! right?). However, on a different device you may find a more seamless experience.

emojiContact Customer Care
If you’re still having trouble taking the quiz, or viewing your results, please send an email directly to our Web customer service at thewebfactory[at] (use the @ symbol instead of [at]). Please include as much detail as you can, the browser you are using, type of computer and which page you are having issues. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, and may help others whom are having similar issues. Thank you for your time.