Meet Dondi



Meet Dondi

I have had so many different lives… Show Biz! Acting, speaking, and dancing around the world!

I was raised in show biz, and I have performed in over 30 countries. Because of that I am very comfortable in front of a camera and on stage. Theatre was a huge part of my life when I was young, and later I competed in public speaking and I did very well…I even won, “Outstanding Speaker in the Nation.”

After college I became a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and I could be seen in over 100 national and international commercials and dancing my way through music videos on MTV. At that time, I started performing around the world as an acclaimed Middle Eastern dancer and I won the title of “Belly Dancer of the Universe.” I performed for many celebrities (including being chosen to perform for Omar Sharif on his 60th birthday), and I was chosen to join Miles Copeland’s Belly Dance Superstars as one of the 12 best belly dancers in the world.

Eden Energy Medicine

But I was also raised in the world of natural healing by renowned Energy Medicine pioneer Donna Eden…my mom! I started learning healing techniques when I was 7 years old, and she taught me and my sister the Five Elements as a teenager. Today that is what I primarily speak about and teach in my professional life…the Chinese Five Elements, which you can read about all over this website.


Most importantly, I am a mom. It is the job that has stretched me the most. There is nothing more important than helping a child grow into an evolved, kind, compassionate, and autonomous human adult. Parenting and family are more important to me than most anything else.

Historical Preservation

If I find spare time, I plunge myself into the world of amateur costuming, history, and historical preservation. For two years, I immersed myself into getting my home historically designated… defended my house in court and I won! I LOVE historic homes and I am an advocate of home birthing, home schooling, and historic homes all over the world.

While travelling the world, I attend as many historical reenactments and festivals as I can, and I pride myself on winning many prestigious costume contests. Oh, and I walk on cobblestone every chance I can get – the older, the better.

On being a best-selling author

I almost forgot! I am a best-selling author of The Five Elements and The Little Book of Energy Medicine, which I wrote with my mom, Donna Eden. I have spoken on these subjects for Hay House, the Shift Network, ACEP, Mindvalley, OMEGA Institute, Eden Method, and more.

I currently live in San Diego, where I was born. But I have lived and worked in many other places including Miami and the Middle East, both of which I absolutely loved. There is no telling where we will go next but I hope that, wherever it is, there is some cobblestone on which to stroll.