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FiveElementsBookImageUnderstand Yourself and Enhance Your Relationships with the Wisdom of the World’s Oldest Personality Type System

Are you are interested in what makes people tick? Do you want more ease with your relationships? The Five Elements is for you!

In this book, Dondi Dahlin shows us that we are all born with individual rhythms that go beyond the influence of our genes and upbringing.

The Five Elements originated in ancient Chinese medicine 2,000 years ago–when scholars theorized that the universe is composed of five forces: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. Understanding these elements helps us stay in balance physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. By explaining the efficacy of wood, the depth of water, the joy of fire, the compassion of earth, and the wisdom of metal, this book helps people understand themselves and form lasting connections to others, answering the age-old question of why we do what we do.

The Five Elements is in stores now!


Praise for The Five Elements


JackCanfieldWith the world becoming ever more hurried and busy, understanding personality differences has never been more important to the success of personal and work relationships. The Five Elements is a key to this understanding, as well as fun, easy to read, and fascinating!

Jack Canfield
Bestselling Author and Coauthor of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

DrAlbertoVilloldoDondi is a master of the Five Elements personality system, and presents them in a way we can use in our lives to live more joyfully and understand the steps in our journey. An invaluable book for all of us interested in the wisdom and energy medicine teachings of East and the West!

Alberto Villoldo, PhD
Bestselling Author of One Spirit Medicine, shaman, and healer

JamesVanPraaghPlease join me in celebrating Dondi Dahlin’s book The Five Elements. This wonderful book brings ancient wisdom to life and makes it practical for everyone to understand. When you know aspects of yourself and others through nature’s elements, how the world and all those who inhabit her work will begin to make complete sense.

James Van Praagh
TV producer, spiritual medium, and bestselling author of Talking to Heaven

LisaGarrThe Five Elements takes an ancient system used in the Chinese Culture and puts it in a modern context. This is the perfect blend of merging the old with the new and creating a very useful tool everyone can use to find out about themselves and their relationships. Dondi’s enthusiastic style and practical wisdom brings The Five Elements to Life!

Lisa Garr
Host of The Aware Show

MilesCopelandDondi has performed for many celebrities and spent a life in show business. She takes those experiences and combines them with her knowledge of the Chinese Five Elements in intriguing and fascinating stories that will keep you captivated! The Five Elements is a fun and profound book that may just change the way you look at life.

Miles Copeland
Entertainment Executive/Founder of IRS Records, Manager of The Police and Sting

LaurenWalkerI read Dondi’s new book and could barely keep from bursting out loud with laughter and recognition! She kept hitting the nail on the head, and I learned things about myself I didn’t know. But more than that, she achieved her goal of helping me to understand not only how and why I behave how I do, but how I can have more compassion and deeper understanding for how others behave. This book is funny, powerful, and valuable for anyone wondering why we act like we do!

Lauren Walker
Energy Medicine Yoga and “One of the 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in the US.”

HomayounSadeghiMDThe Five Elements will grow your compassion and appreciation of people. It’s simple, yet so profound. It is a thoughtful approach to a time-tested system.

Homayoun Sadeghi, M.D.
The Art of Healthy Living: A Mind-Body Approach to Inner Balance and Natural Vitality


About the Author

The Five Elements is Dondi’s second book. She co-wrote The Little Book of Energy Medicine with her mom, Energy Medicine pioneer, Donna Eden. Dondi is an award-winning public speaker, and internationally-acclaimed dancer, actress, and teacher in television, film, and stage for over 30 years. She has been a member of The Screen Actors Guild since 1991. Dondi teaches the Five Elements with her sister, Titanya Dahlin at the renowned OMEGA Institute in New York (since 2001), as well as other workshops and conferences around the nation.

The Five Elements is a BESTSELLER!


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