Get To Know: Wood Personality Type


What does it mean to be a wood personality type? Here are some interesting ways to identify if you are a wood type and exhibit signs of a Wood Personality type.

1. Considered to have a “greenish” complexion, and are usually stocky in their build.  A true wood-type has squared off shoulders and a very solid physique.

2. Very organised and logical. However, tend to plan things well and get frustrated if they go wrong.

3. Mind is always on the go. Woods keep busy and are always doing something and / or might also have trouble sleeping due to an overactive mind.

4. Love action, movement and adventure and like to be the first and the best.

5. Get angry easily and are prone to shouting. Usually they exert tremendous self-discipline in order to maintain self-control and composure.

6. Climatic wind can cause wood people headaches as can drugs, alcohol and irregular sleep.  They are prone to nervous disorders, eye strain, allergy type disorders (often products), sinusitis, hay fever and to ailments such as ulcers, hemorrhoids and migraine headaches.

Do you exhibit any of these 6 signs of the Wood personlaity type? Feel free to read more about Wood Personality types and the others, on our main website 5 elements page.

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