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Dondi Dahlin would be an exceptional guest on any TV or radio show. I spoke at a conference that she MC’d and she was fabulous, entertaining, engaging, and informative. Her background in speech and the performing arts, along with her expertise on her topic, make her ideal for the media.
– Jack Canfield

Coauthor of The Success Principles™ & the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series


Dondi Dahlin Bio

Dondi Dahlin grew up in the world of Energy Medicine. She co-authored The Little Book of Energy Medicine with her mom Donna Eden, and her book The Five Elements will be released by Tarcher in 2016.

Dondi is the creator of “The Wednesday Energy Minutes” which are 60-second clips based on Energy Medicine techniques and filmed at locations across the globe. Dondi travels with her Mom, spreading Eden Energy Medicine and the Five Elements through international workshops, and she is a sought-after speaker and MC for conventions and conferences.

Along with Energy Medicine, Dondi also grew up in the world of show business. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and won the titles of both “Belly Dancer of the Universe” and “Outstanding Speaker in the Nation.” She has been seen in over 100 commercials, performed in over 30 countries, and is one of the few American dancers to have had a successful career in the Middle East.

Dondi’s home-base is California where she home schools her son and lives in a 1904 house, which she fought for two years to get historically designated by the city of San Diego.

Dondi Dahlin is a published author in Energy Medicine and The Five Elements, an award-winning speaker, and an internationally-acclaimed dancer, actress, and teacher.


  • Co-wrote The Little Book of Energy Medicine (Tarcher 2012) with her mother, Donna Eden.
  • Currently writing The Five Elements. (Tarcher – September 2016)
  • Currently writing The Book of Chakras. (Tarcher – September 2017)
  • Currently Dondi has over 100 video clips on YouTube called, “The Energy Minutes.” They are based on Eden Energy Medicine and help people to have stronger immunity, and a more vital, healthy and joyful life. See an Energy Minute Here!


  • Palomar College – “Outstanding Speaker in the Nation” Phi Rho Pi National Forensic Organization.
  • Coaches many professional speakers and has coached students from Arizona State University, Northern Arizona State University, and San Diego State University.
  • MC’s many events including The Canadian Energy Psychology Conference, and The International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine.


  • 2001-2008 Dondi taught the Five Elements at the renowned Feathered Pipe Ranch in Montana.
  • 2002-present: Teaches the Five Elements at OMEGA Institute in New York.


  • Dondi has been on stage and in television, film, music videos, and voice-overs she was 4.
  • During the 1990s she was in over 100 regional, national, and international commercials.
  • A member of The Screen Actors Guild since 1991.
  • As a Middle-Eastern and Polynesian dancer she has performed for over three decades and in over 30 countries.
  • Belly Dancer of the Universe in 2000.
  • Performer to the stars including: Omar Sharif, Angie Dickinson, Peter Fonda, and Jimmy Buffet.
  • First Middle Eastern Dance teacher ever contracted to teach in Iceland.
  • One of the original performers for Miles Copeland’s Belly Dance Superstars, a 14-person professional dance troupe that performed in over 10 countries and 20 states.

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